Dhital Mountain School

The team of EINFACH MACHEN e.V. learned about the primary school in Dhital through the Nepalese businessman Somnath Dhungana from Pokhara Lakeside, who was born in Dhital and was himself a teacher. Also Somnath made as aware of another primary school in Jhijhirka (Shree Himalaya Basic School). Unfortunately, the mountain village schools are very poorly equipped by the Nepalese Government and there are hardly any maintenance measures. Teachers are often less well-educated, do not know modern teaching methods and are hardly trained in the English language. 

The parents of the children from these mountain villages are very concerned that their children will be disadvantaged due to the poorer education and are therefore looking for ways to send their children, sometimes already at primary school age, to an “internschool” in the valley/city. Where it would not be necessary, the children are taken out of their family environment at an early age (4-5 years old) in the hope of getting a better education in the city. This is justified in the very remote regions, because otherwise there is no schooling at all. In the Pokhara mountain region there is no need to separate the children from their parents at an early age, one only has to ensure that there are well-trained teachers in the mountain village schools.

Unfortunately, the Nepalese state does nothing to change the situation. As a result, even the small mountain schools are gradually closed because the pupils are missing at some point. As a result, the children of poor farming families will no longer receive basic training nearby. However, these parents will also not be able to send their children to high school fees, in private schools, to the nearby city.

After repeated discussions over 2 years, with the EINFACH MACHEN e.V. team, the director and teacher team of the Shree Indreni Primary School in Dhital, the village elders and the families, one has come to the realization that if we can win a well-trained teacher and then finance it together, then all children up to and including the 5th grade can stay in the village and the early separation of children and parents can be stopped.

Since 2015, EINFACH MACHEN e.V., on annual visits, has initially donated school supplies and clothing to the two primary schools. Since the primary school teacher Mr. Bala Ram now teaches in Dhital, EINFACH MACHEN e.V. has partially financed the committed young English computer science teacher together with the village community and also the friendly businessman Somnath.

With 500 Euros twice a year, EINFACH MACHEN e.V. supports the teacher’s salary. We are also trying to provide additional funds for school supplies, games and sports equipment, as well as necessary clothes.

To our great joy, the number of pupils in the mountain village is now rising again and the children can stay in their usual environment. This collective effort of parents, village roommates, Somnath and EINFACH MACHEN e.V. shows that joining forces leads to success. 

A year-round teacher’s salary is on average between 1200 and 1400 euros. We would be very happy if a person, company or other organization takes over the sponsorship for the teacher’s salary partially or as a whole. With additional donations, we can help primary schools improve the equipment for school and sports equipment.