The Ram family

We support and help the Indian family Ram. This is our first Indian project. Just like we learned about Conscience Primary School, we got to know the Ram family through a personal contact. We can also guarantee that the donations arrive one to one directly at the family, where they are urgently needed. After an adventurous journey from India, they have been living together in Kathmandu since 2016.

EINFACH MACHEN e.V. started supporting the family in July 2015 with a one-time earthquake relief (300€) due to total loss of income.
The family members are Asha (born 1990, blind mother, illiterate) and Rinku Ram (born 1989, severe walking disability due to polio, learns to read and write) and their three children, son Manav (born 2010), daughter Taniya (born 2012) and daughter Shalu (born 2014).
Since December 2016, a school sponsorship (300 Euros) for the daughter Taniya could be realized and we have also been able to find school sponsorships (per child 300€) for Manav, Shalu and also their nephew Manish.

We regularly need further donations for the family in order to continuously improve their overall situation, especially in times of crises (living, nutrition, clothing, doctor visits and medicine).

The story of Asha and Rinku is a lovestory that is, however tragic, filled with hope: Rinku Ram, born on May 17, 1989 in Punjab fell in love at first sight with Asha who came into this world on March 11, 1990 in Hanuman Garh, a village in Rajasthan. What Rinku Ram could not know at first sight was that his loved one had been blind since the age of 5, due to an untreated infection. Rinku himself has a disablement in his left leg, a consequence of suffering from polio when he was one year old, and can only walk with crutches. His parents and four siblings, a poor family, strictly disapproved the wedding of the two lovers. When the couple beat the odds and got married seven years ago, Rinku Rams family shut down all contacts.

The newly-weds found shelter in a room in Ashas mothers house and they became parents of three healthy kids.

Please support the Ram family and use “Family Ram, India” for donations.