If you would like to donate for EINFACH MACHEN e.V., you can do so via PayPal

As a non-profit organization PayPal charges us fees for each donation: 1.5 % of the donation amount plus 0.35 € (within the EU). Please note that we have to deduct these PayPal fees from the donation amount. An example: You donate 100 €. Of this amount 1,85 € will go to Paypal. However, you will receive a donation receipt for 100 € from us.

Since EINFACH MACHEN e.V. is a non-profit organization registered in Germany,  we cannot issue donation receipts for donators living outside of Germany.

Please click on the PayPal donation button. You will be forwarded accordingly.

Information privacy

If you decide to donate via PayPal, please note the Paypal information privacy.