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    Dhital Mountain School

    The team of EINFACH MACHEN e.V. learned about the primary school in Dhital through the Nepalese businessman Somnath Dhungana from Pokhara Lakeside, who was born in Dhital and was himself a teacher. Also Somnath made as aware of another primary school in Jhijhirka (Shree Himalaya Basic School). Unfortunately, the mountain village schools are very poorly equipped by the Nepalese Government and there are hardly any maintenance measures. Teachers are often less well-educated, do not know modern teaching methods and are hardly trained in the English language.  The parents of the children from these mountain villages are very concerned that their children will be disadvantaged due to the poorer education and…

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    The Ram family

    We support and help the Indian family Ram. This is our first Indian project. Just like we learned about Conscience Primary School, we got to know the Ram family through a personal contact. We can also guarantee that the donations arrive one to one directly at the family, where they are urgently needed. After an adventurous journey from India, they have been living together in Kathmandu since 2016. EINFACH MACHEN e.V. started supporting the family in July 2015 with a one-time earthquake relief (300€) due to total loss of income. The family members are Asha (born 1990, blind mother, illiterate) and Rinku Ram (born 1989, severe walking disability due to…

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    Namgyal Higher Secondary School

    Since children are only taught at the CPS up to fifth grade, we were looking for a suitable, secondary boarding school in 2016 that could teach all three languages (Nepalese, Tibetan, English) and give the children a good home and social environment. The new home for our former CPS children In the immediate vicinity of the CPS, we have identified the Namgyal Higher Secondary School (NHSS), which was founded in 1988, so that we can continue to accompany the children on their journey. The buildings and infrastructure were built by the SOS Kinderdorf International Hermann Gmeiner Organisation. The school is a boarding school and meets the higher secondary level for…

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    Conscience Primary School

    The ApproachThe Conscience Primary School was founded by Passang Dhondup Lama, born in Nepal in the Rasuwa region. He had the luck to get a sponsorship by an Australian gentleman for a secondary school in Kathmandu which after a successful graduation opened him the doors to the Tribuwan University where he completed a degree in sociology and economics. After working as a tutor in an orphanage and as Operations Manager in the Himalayan Children Foundation, Passang decided to live his dream: providing an education for the underprivileged children of the Himalayas, including the increasing number of Tibetan refugee children in Nepal. One of his projects is the Conscience Primary School…

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